The Nagoya Protocol Education Portal

We welcome you to our learning community.

Our Goals

Familiarize people with how the Nagoya Protocol was developed, what it covers, and how people are to follow it.
Help anyone doing science research, education, and collections management learn and promote Nagoya compliance.
Show how Nagoya applies to both international and national work, and applies to future research planning as well as historical research resources.

News and Updates

We’re new and under construction


This learning portal is under construction! We will be launched and fully functional in May, in time for conference season!

Connecting with Nagoya Protocol and International Treaty Experts


We are working with colleagues at the Global Genome Biodiversity Network who have developed great resources for understanding the Nagoya Protocol. Check them out! GGBN ABS FAQ

We need your input!


Researchers, teachers, and collections managers are contributing photos and stories of their experiences setting up agreements and collaborations around their own biology research and resource development. Old and new stories welcome. Please contribute and join the community! Get in touch.

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