About Nagoya Protocol Learning Portal

This website is brought to you by a group of interdisciplinary biology researchers, anthropologists, and collections managers hoping to improve clarity and transparency about the Nagoya Protocol and International Treaty. Our goal is to help advance our understanding of biodiversity as a global community, incorporating strong ethical values and fairness, which is the intent of the protocol. We are building resources relevant to both national and international research, as well as historic and planned collections. This is not an official page of guidance, but a community space where we can help each other approach compliance. We do not aim to serve as an authority or a liaison to a national focal point.

Meet the Team

Rachel Meyer

Executive Director of the University of California Conservation Genomics Consortium, interest in citizen science, environmental DNA, crop domestication, and ethnobotany.

Wai-Yin Kwan

Web developer and ultimate science fan

Jill Parsons

Director of Science at the Ecological Society of America

User eXperience Design Team

Joyce Wang, Angela Cao, Joanne Kwon, Morgan Wofford

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