Meet the Team

Rachel Meyer

Currently an adjunct assistant professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California Santa Cruz, she has managed the University of California Conservation Genomics Consortium and leads the CALeDNA citizen science program. Her doctoral and postdoctoral research was in plant genomics working with crops and wild relative germplasm and traditional knowledge in Asia and West Africa.

Wai-Yin Kwan

Wai-Yin is a lifetime learner who likes to create things. After turning two hobbies into careers (paper engineering and software engineering), she wants to do it for a third time. She’s interested in finding ways to combine her interests in programming and science.

User eXperience Design Team: Joyce Wang, Angela Cao, Joanne Kwon, Morgan Wofford

The User eXperience Design Team created the visual design and functionality plan for the website. Former classmates in the User eXperience Certificate Program at the University of California Los Angeles, they did a gap analysis of Nagoya Protocol information online and interviewed people in different scientific societies and career types and stages to plan the website.

Jill Parsons

Director of Science at the Ecological Society of America Jill holds a B.A. in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Duke University and an M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Sussex. At ESA she has managed a variety of projects, including the Sustaining Biological Infrastructure Training Initiative and an NSF-sponsored workshop on “The Nagoya Protocol and the Shifting Landscape of International Biological Research.”

Chelsea Fowler

Science Programs Specialist Chelsea holds a B.S. in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Tampa. After which, she joined the United States Peace Corps as a Coastal Resource Management Specialist. This experience piqued Chelsea’s interest in international research and collaboration. At ESA Chelsea works on a variety of projects in addition to helping manage and generate content for the Nagoya Protocol Learning Portal.

We thank the National Science Foundation for supporting a grant to the Ecological Society of America with Jill Parsons as PI (NSF 1652457) to run a workshop on the Nagoya Protocol that brought many societies together. Those participants have remained active as the USA Nagoya Protocol Education Action Group (USANPAG) and serve as the advisory committee for this website. Several national and international scientists have since joined the group and substantially contributed to the development of the plan for the website function as well as contributed content.

We would like to thank in particular USANPAG members Breda Zimkus, Kevin McCluskey, Cliff Duke, Chuck Delwiche, Peter Brosius, Adam Ferguson, Chris Lyal, Emily Mastrianni, and Ingrid Jordan-Thaden. We also thank Katharine Barker  and John Coddington from the Global Genome Biodiversity Network for also acting as advisors to the website. If you would like to join USANPAG, or if you have a Nagoya Protocol working group who would be interested in co-working with us, please contact us via the link HERE or send an email to LearnNagoyaProtocol [at]

Supporting Societies


This website presents information that is independent of the supporting societies or the site development team and does not represent their ethics, values, or activities.

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