Does the NP apply to viruses?

Posted by anon on 05/30/2019.

Does the NP apply to viruses?

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    Yes, it does, but there is additional legislation that helps facilitate rapid access to viruses and other pathogens from around the world, since these many strains are needed to develop vaccines and other protective measures for the common good. For example, the influenza virus is regulated by the ‘Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework”, but the Nagoya Protocol could be leveraged to encourage member countries to encourage broader participation in the virus-sharing system and could be leveraged to propose expanding benefit sharing mechanisms, not hindering the existing framework. It is relevant here to note that the Protocol does not supplant or override other agreements or frameworks.

    This document from the World Health Organization provides expanded discussion with several interesting points.I was impressed that the document highlighted the way the Nagoya Protocol might change collaboration and benefit-sharing policies on the nation-to-nation level, when I usually think of it as a framework for individuals or organizations.

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