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These guides are meant to set you up for a successful international research project! We suggest you start with our guide on the Nagoya Learning Portal, but feel free to dive into any of our guides. If you feel we're missing an important guide or have any feedback on how we could improve these guides email us:

Guide to the Nagoya Protocol Learning Portal

Learn more about how we suggest you use this learning portal. This module takes about 10-15 minutes. Short and sweet!

Guide to Benefit Sharing

MTAs, PICs, DSI, oh my! Learn all of the terminology you need to understand the Nagoya Protocol and it’s key players.

Guide to the ABS Clearinghouse


Learn more about how the ABS Clearinghouse fits into your research project and how to quickly find what you need. 

Guide to International Research Workflow

Learn from helpful StoryMaps about the workflow of a Nagoya-compliant research project. Based on real-life experiences, we hope this guide will give you an idea of how to break down your own project.

Guide to your PIC, MAT, and MTAs

Review what PIC, MAT, and MTAs are. Look at examples shared by your fellow scientists and learn more about the documentation you need to collaborate with communities around the world.  

Guide to Submitting a Use Case or Story

Congratulations on making it to this step! Our use cases and stories are arguably the most useful resource we provide to the scientific community. However, it’s only useful if we get more use cases and stories FROM YOU! Get all of your questions answered and tell your story with ease. 

Can’t find a guide for what you’re looking for? Click here and let us know so we can make this site even more useful!

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