Submit a Use Case

Thank you for submitting a use case! This is a loose-format for you to explain to others what your workflow was like for your research project or to manage collections that involved genetic resources and/or associated intellectual property. The country you worked in can be any; not just the Nagoya signatories. It could even be your home country! Feel free to describe projects from years ago, even before the Nagoya Protocol went into force, and feel free to describe projects that are currently ongoing. We are looking for examples where providers of genetic resources gave consent and where there was a plan for people (the providers, the state, the world) to receive benefits from the use of the genetic resource. See the “Benefit Sharing” resource page for a list of ideas of what a benefit constitutes. We understand this workflow and plan should vary by project, by country, and community. You can always remove or revise your Use Case in the future by logging in again.

In Project Summary, please list the objectives of your collection or study. In the project description, please describe the steps you took to carry out your objectives, including (1) making contact with potential collaborating institutions, guides, and collaborators, (2) developing terms for how the research or collections curation would be carried out, to (3) ensuring those terms are met and reporting these steps where relevant to national authorities.

We are very grateful for your contribution to the Nagoya Protocol Learning Portal!


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